Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es Why Micorsoft rules my Univrese

Whos these web sites for

This page is for Micorsoft and all those who like to use windows and Micorsoft stuff. It isnt for anyone else. If you are a linus user you cannot use this webpage same goes for apples In fact I prohibit it and you will get in trouble:
  • Gerald Holmeses End User License Agreement (GH-EULA)

    If you like linus os you must not read any more of this pages and go away to some other site right now. If you believe Micorsoft is really really really good then you can read my pages. Otherwise go away now or my lawyers will get in touch with you and Ill sue your pants off. By reading this you agree and I can make you do it too. If you dont agree with thise GH-EULA then you must leave now and say "I dont remember Geralds pages anymore" three times out loud. That is the only way I wont see you in court.

Why Micorsoft is ruling my universes Update!

if you click on that then Ill tell you I promise try it and youll see.

hey Gerald how to be an effective Micorsoft advocate?

I will tell you everythings that you needs to know if you click there.

Some cartoons

I drewed em myself.

Email of the DAY!!! Update! (Dec 6 1999)

Okay heres a new email from a fan of me Gerald Holmes every day!!! or at least every day that I can and I have a lots of emails to respond to maybe even more than six hundreds but I quit countings after I got to 24 because I don't have that many fingers and toes.

Fan Mail to me Gerald Holmes!!

These are some emails that people sent me and how I responded to them.

Gerald Holmeses MS Tech BBS!!

this is for pro-MS peoples only to post messages and discuss Micorsoft technologys only. its very exclusive try it youll see.

hey Gerald how come Linus doesnt rule like Micorsoft?

Click on that buddy and I'll tell you why.

hey Gerald how come apples doesnt rule like Micorsoft?

Click on that buddy and ill telly you why it is that apples arent cool like you might think.

hey Gerald how do I make Windows work even better than it currently works and it works really good already I must say

Click on that buddy and Ill help you make your desktops more cool and freindly and look good like nothin else.

hey Gerald what about this Caldera vs. Micorsoft case?

well I definitely have some opinions on that click to be convinced by my rasoning.

heres a poem I made for windows

Im not much of a poet but I can right a mean rhyme.

hey Gerald what are your hobbies?

Clik up on that one to see the stuff that I like to do.

hey Gerald who are you?

Click on that ones to find the answers that you disires my son.

Contact me Im Gerald Holmes!

got questions for me or want to email me, do it at gerald_holmes@hotmail.com. Just dont sends me a melissa virus cause then Ill cancel my email and have my lawyres talk to you and bust you and your buddies and I use Office becasue it has macros and activex but dont send me virusses or I cant maintain my web sites and email.

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