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(Dec 6, 1999)

Today i recevieds a bizared serious of emails from too peoples and I think that this proofs how their are conspircies out ther taht evil linus peolples try to do:

>From: Jason Schumaker <jason@ssc.com>
>To: gerald_holmes@hotmail.com
>Subject: Linus is the best!
>Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 16:26:25 -0800
>Hello Chair-ald,
>I recentl y came acorst your sit e and realized that you are one
>of the smartest people in the world, if not the net.  I must say
>that I work at Linus Jernal and that I am only do it to get into
>the infilitrationary aspects of operating system technology. No
>one know this, but I works for the Micorsoft and daily give info
>about the long hares and hippies to Bill Gates and Steve Ball-me.
>The hardest part about working for the linus Jrenal is having
>to wear my hairs long and hippelike.  I clog up the drain and
>scare the purty girls and just have to cry to sleep every nite.
>But I konw that one day i will be put on the cover of windrows
>magazine and one day I will be staying the weekend at Bill Gates
>house and swimming in his pool and playing hide and seek with
>Belinda (if you know what I mean - wink!).
>Everyone who works here smells like dirt and eats mud for lunch.
>The womyn don't shave and neither do the men, and there was a
>toferkey for Thanksgiving which is just as UnAmerican (un Micorsoff)
>as killing little babies.  I hate the linus and consider me to
>be a martyr in the name of NT and BG and all that.  Please put
>to me in your prayer and I will be there or here doing what
>I do, which is to take down this most holey of evil rags.
>You rule!
>Jason Schumaker
>Editorial Assistant, Linux Journal

Jason is a good persons he is donig good secret works that is good. Then laters his boss founds out his boss is an evils linus persons who must have beens reading Jason's emails thats easy with linus because there is no securitys whatsover to protect Jason's informations from his boss not like in Micorsoft Windows 95/98 where there is the login thing where you has to types in a names and passwords thats good security yeah sometimes I hits the escaped keys instead that works too but linus longharis woould be to dumbs to do that Im smart. Okay so heres his bosses email:

>From: Rene Verschuur 
>To: gerald_holmes@hotmail.com
>Subject: Disregard my delusional employee.
>Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:34:55 -0500 (EST)
>It has come to my attention that one of my employees, Jason, has contacted
>you regarding your 'colorful' views of the Linux Operating System. While our
>team of lawyers are working diligently to remove him from our company (and
>goverment/finacial databases), I urge you to disregard any information he
>may have given you. He is quite insane - which he blames on the fact that
>none of us shave, eat mud, and smell like dirt. While that is all true, his
>delusion goes much deeper and he falsely believes Mr. Gates will rule the
>world. Of course Linus will rise up and give us all the same clothes to
>wear, and potatoes to eat, yet Jason fails to believe the plainly obvious
>truth. And he is under the false impression you have some sort of wisdom on
>the matter. It is stronly urged you ignore his pleas.
>As for you, my high-score in Space Cadet is 889,009,321 and I have found all
>7 secret levels. I don't suppose you have found even one. I would play Space
>Cadet against you, but I am busy working to put it on Linux to play with
>other Linux-users. They are much more skilled and have potatoes.
>Understand your threats of lawsuits will go ingnored, so save your energy.
>You will need it when we put you to work in the Linux-mines to dig for coal
>(which powers our software.) When you have been assimilated into the
>Linusystem, all of this moronic diatribe will be long forgotten, and I will
>personally spank you. If I hear that you have encouraged Jason, I shall
>spank you twice for good measure.
>Good day.
>Rene Verschuur
>Linus Jernal Produktionen Förmåga
>Vi Hat Idioten Införliva [1999]

Well I dont have any responses for these two guys they are funny

okay enought emails now back to the other page come back tommorrow or sometime to see more of theses.