Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es hobbies pages sites

hey Gerald what do you do in your spare times like hobbies and stuff?

well thanks for asking buddy!!! I like to do lots of stuff liek in the following lists.
  • I liek to talk to my friends on the internet. One place I like to go is the bbs on msnbc that talks about technologies because they help achieve the goal of nt everywhere.

  • I also likes to put messages on that bbs and after I started I quickly became the most popular poster ever and everyone loved me and was convinced of how good windows was when I expleained it to them on there. My posts were the most populars on there they had something like three and a half millions of hits per second from all over the world including south america because my posts were so good and logistical and thought out well. I think if I keep posting there that Micorsoft will soon want to hir me to do some of there PR I hope to get on there astroturf team that does "grass roots" supprt for Micorsoft. I know Bill gates reads all my posts too because its his bbs and he likes what Im doing and he wants to be my friend I told him maybe because Im playing hard to get but it will work I really want to be friends with him. He is the smartest man in the world.

  • Chess. Im real good at chess because Im so smart from working with windows and theat naturaly carries over into chess and I can beat anyone including kasparoff and deep blue and the space aliens.

  • I like to watch the little birds that fly around because how do they do that? I cant fly but maybe I can!!! Okay little bird show me!!!! No! they dont show me I hate them!!
Thanks you thats what I do now go back to my other page

disclaimers: also remebers that this is just my opinions so dont get crazy or nothing like that.