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how to be a good Micorsoft advocate and convince peoples that Micorsofts stuff can help them live happy

Oh you asked the right person about this Ive helped over 7 and a half peoples get micorsoft installed on there computers because I convinced em that it was really really realy good. So know Ill tell you how to do that too.
  • Heres some ways to respond to people that dont like Micorsoft:

    • okay if they say anything about "linus," call them a long hair that will make it so they want to get a hair cut and clean up there lifes and use Windows.

    • Now if they say they like "macintoshes" say "macintoshes are just an apple that you can buy at the grocery store you stupidhead" and that should make them feel dumb so that you can teach them about windows.

    • If they dont say anything about linus or apples then they are probably using amigas and so you should call them stupidheads that cant leave the 1980s (no not the 1780s quit asking me about the 18th century!!).

    • Okay if they just complaign about Micorsoft in general without saying anything about other computers then you have to hit them with pure logistics say something like "hey if you dont like micorsoft then why dont you make your own computer stupid" or "oh yeah well Bill Gates didnt get all that money for being a stupidhead like you" or "if you dont like it why dont you move to canada where they dont have computers and its dark for 9 months and they hate technologies" or "well I see that you havent put on the thinking cap today have you because what you are saying is the dumbest thing that a person ever said to me you stupidhead."

  • But being a Micorsoft advocate takes more than just responding to peoples, you hav to go on the offensive and recruit peoples too:

    • if you every ride the bus that is a grate place to talk to people about Micorsoft. Sit down by some person and tap them on the shoulder and say something like "hey have you tried playing space cadet you know Micorsoft made that game and its really good whats your high score."

    • You can also tell people about the KPCB Keirutsu and how its made up of all the world versus Micorsoft and how its just everyone agianst Micorsoft and Micorsoft didnt do anything to deserve this and why is the hole industry against Micorsoft they only did good for the industry and all these others should bow down and thenk Micorsoft for doing it. Not make the Keirustsu to hurt Micorosft there should be laws against the Keirutsu and also against AOL.

    • If you are shy then you dont have to talk to a person you can just make comments that people will overhear like "oh yeah I was running the Micorsoft program today and it made some beeps and things like that. Yeah it was pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah I used wordpad and office and it has macros and activex." At this point people will probably perk up to what you are saying and ask you how they can get the Micorsoft programs too but dont give them free copies thats pirating you need to tell them they have to buy it but it comes free with a computer.

  • See I told you thered be more stuff here soon

    And you thought it was just a ploy to make you come back well it worked didnt it!!! Ha ha ha I own you! I can make you do things like come back because Im very smart (not as smart as Bill Gates) and you are my minions (not as many minions as Bill Gates).

    Okay well Ill add more stuff to this list as I think it up but now Im tired and I need to sleep after eating some cookie bars cake foods.

Thanks you thats how to do advocacy now go back to my other page

disclaimers: also remebers that this is just my opinions so dont get crazy or nothing like that.