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Why Micorsoft is ruling my universes

Micorsoft has done many good things for me and my computer. I got free Windows and free internet Explorer with my computer without paying for them becuase they were free with the computers, now thats a good deal!!!!

I also like Micorsoft because of the space cadet game. Whee boy, that is a fun game it wasnt free but it was worth the money.

I wish that the whole world was full of Micorsoft. I wish that it really was "nt everywhere" because imagine nt being everywhere!!! Just imagine it!!!! Nt could be in the basement and in the kitchen and at the mall!!! Wow!!! now thats what good technology is -- when its everywhere and all the other thechnologys are dead because they arent as good especially linus and other open sources programs. Did you know that all linus users are long-hairs?

Recently Bill Gates said that linux was only good for some simple things like wordprocessing and spreadsheets. Yeah I think thats right you long hairs your operating system is only good for bill gates to right letters and do his acounting but it aint good enough for more complecks tasks like space cadet!!!

What good stuff does Micorsoft?

Simple they make really really good stuf. If you dont believe that then you probably use mac or linus and are violating my EULA and you better leave now or Ill get you!!!

Bill Gates made everything that you have that is good today windows and the internet. Im not voting for Al Gore because he tried to take credit for the internet when that credit really belongs to Gates who not only discovered the interenet but invented it too. Thats pretty nice I think.

Micorsoft can also have any company that they want all they have to do is buy it and that my friend is power so if you want to have a powerful computer stick with micorsoft they are powerful oh boy are they powerful they could crush you if the wanted but they dont want to so lang as your good and use windows and are smart like that. Also they are nice so they wont heurt you they want you to be happy so buy windows and use it and be happy!!

Some peoples say they dont like windows well thats dumb those dumbheads Im sure they are long hairs who use linus and not as smart as Micorsoft and they probably dont know even how to tie their shoes I can tie my own shoes but I usually where the velcro type ones they are easier just like windows is easy you just put your feet in their and touch the velcros together and there you go I used to put velcro on the dog he didnt like it very much but oh man here boy come on boy heres a stick go get the stick come on boy oh you want the frisbee too bad you go fetch the stick you dumb dog no frisbee for you hey you stupidhead dog you are dumb like the linus long hairs!!!

Another good reason Micorsoft rules!

Also another reason Micorsoft rules is because theyve got Bill Gates and how can they not rules when they have Bill Gates the best person ever hes cool I found this cool pictures of him from a guy that sent it to me name dave.darbel thanks dave for the pictures he got the pictures from here I thnk its a nice look for Bill Gates he looks like one of those cool rapper guys with the jewelry only he has bigger jewelry he has some jewelry with his names on it thats cool Ill bet all the kids will be wearing this clothes and necklace soon I know I will I like it I want to look like Bill hes cool looking.

Bill Gates lookin good!

okay enought chit chat now back to the other page.