Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es how to make Micorsoft run good

heres how to make windows work even better

its hard for most peoples to believe that windwos can be any betters than it already is. I know it is for me to believe it but you can do some stuff that Micorsoft allwos you to do to make it iven better than it was. dont believe me? well okay, you are right. It already is perfection in life. but you can do some stuff to make it do other stuff as I show you below

  1. OH BOY!
  2. Gerald told you hed add stuff here and heres the first thing he has to ad its a nice background image for your Windows desktop that shows how good windows is and is informative too. I didnt make it up myself but I found it on someones web pages and they said I could put it here and I dont even have to give them credit they said I can take credit for it myself but I dont think thats right but I forgot where it is and now I remember and also I need to add to my collection of different toothpastes how do they make those toothpastes do they have a midget guy with very small people churning them or what I dont know.

  3. Ill add more windows enhancing things here later so dont stay away too long now ya hear.
Thanks you thats how to make windows even better than before other page

disclaimers: also remebers that this is just my opinions so dont get crazy or nothing like that.