Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es Why Macs doesnt rules like Micorsoft

heres why apples isnt as good as windows which is very very very good

  1. All the reasons I said about linus is true of macs too.

  2. apples are used by hippies so if you dont want to be a hippy dont use macs.

  3. macs dont multitaks they only can load one thing at a time and dont know how to play space cadet or office or any other programs only one program. they only run one program and you cant buy any program but that one program and I forgot what its called but its the only one you can buy for it and what good is it if it only has one program. Windows ont he other hands has lots and lots of programs more than I can count but trust me its more than one and thats what you want.

  4. macs dont read floppy disks they can only read special hard disks that are really expecnsive and then you have to put the disk in the trash to get it back from the computer and what good is a disk if you have to put it in the trash and it was really really really exxpensive. I cant afford it buy windows instead youll thank me for it.

  5. If you cant tell by looking at the following pictures then you are a very bad evil person who isnt very smarts.

    OR ?

  6. other reasons that are too numberous to mention here just buy windows and remember "nt everywhere."
Thanks you thats why apples is bad and windows is good now go back to my other page

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