Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es Why Linus doesnt rules like Micorsoft

heres why Linus isnt as good as windows which is very very very good

  1. linus was made by some high school kids whereas dos and windows was made by bill Gates the smartest man in the world. linus was made by some junior high and elementary school kids too, and they are all in jail now because they hacked into the pentagon so there wont be any more linus operating system updates but whereas Bill Gates is loved by the federal govenrment and is an updsatnding citizen who whould never brake no lawas.

  2. linus doesnt have what they call a GUI which means that you cant use a mouse and click on things you have to type in words in a different language probably finnish I dont know but it wont work unless you speak at least 10 different languages and one of those languages has to be a slavic language and you have a phd in 10 different languages and also can do math real real good.

  3. I took this pictures of Bill Gate and Linux Torvalds and I think the pictures speaks for itselves.
    OR ?

    See how long his hairs are see I told you they are all long hairs.

  4. Also linus doesnt have any applications except ones in 10 different langueages you dont understand unless you have a degree in horticultureism.

  5. i used linus once and it didnt go to the right web pages.

  6. where is space caadet? What? linus has no space cadet? Well how good can it be then really?

  7. Micheal Jagger didnt right a song about linus now did he but he did right a song about the windows start button and that is real innovation.

  8. linus was funded by the communists and the drug lords and also the satanists who hope to topel captialsim and other good things but they are triking people to think that linus is free when really it was made with moneys from these underlaws peoples to make anarchy everywhere and we cant have that now can we so buy windows instead.

  9. everyone agrees that micorsofts "windows nt everywhere" is a good idea and we cant have nt everywhere if linus is anywhere so we must get rid of linux intirely or else the dream of nt everywhere will never survives and we all want it to and if you dont want it too then you are ruining it for the rest of us and are probably violatin my EULA so Ill sue you if you dont change your mind emmidiately.
Thanks you thats why linus is bad and windows is good now go back to my other page

disclamers: all this stufs is just my opinions and dont get scared.