Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es Why Caldera Sucks

Whos Caldera

Calderas a company that bought DR-DOS from Novell who bough DR-DOS from Digital Research. Whats DR-DOS you ask its a clone of MS-DOS that some people thought was "better" than MS-DOS but those people were stupid it wasnt better I mean think about it did Micorsoft make DR-DOS? no. then it must not be that good right.

Whats up with Caldera

Oh Caldera thinks they should sue Micorsoft for 90 bazillion dollars just because Micorosoft supposedly disabled Windows so it wouldn't work with DR-DOS and then they bundled MS-DOS with Windows and "technically" both those things are illegal for Micorsoft to do but thats only "technically" and Ill now list my reasons why this is dumb:
  • so what if Caldera lost a whole bunch of money by buying DR-DOS thinking that it would continue to grow? they should have been smarters. obviously Micorsoft was going to crush DRDOS duh.

  • so what if Micorsoft did something bad it happened ten years ago cant we just let it rest and forgive them. I mean Micorsoft has forgiven us the users many times for our stupidiitys dont we owe them the same?

  • also who cares if sales of Caldera were growing very fast until the now famous "Windows doesnt support your OS" red herring? windows still worked with DRDOS it just said it didnt so what if you want to run windows on top of DRDOS then you should be forced to put up with a little "Warning this wont work" message every time you boot up Micorsoft can try to scare you off if they want they invented DOS and they invented the hole idea of operating systesm in the first place they had to because after Bill Gates invented computers he had to invent the operating systems!!!!

  • they say that the code in the windows that puts up the DRDOS error message was encrypted and code was inserted to disable debugging of the code so that they say Micorsoft tried to "hide" this code. Well so what they can do what they want this is america not Canada duh!!!

  • who wants to have the choice of two DOSes under which to run Windows anyway I mean its much easier if Micorsoft packages it all up into one thing and thats what they did and it benefits the consumer and so there. And if you still really really want to run DRDOS you can you just have to buy Windows with MSDOS first and then by DRDOS see you still have choice!!!

  • So what if this hurt Caldera there just another company and it didnt hurt consumers because whod it hurt? so therefore let Micorsoft go!!!

  • Micorsoft never had to let anyones to develop for their OS peoples! they made windows and they didnt have to tell you how to make programs for it they could have ritten them all by themselves because they are that smart you could have bought a computer with nothing but Micorsoft software on it and you would be very very very happy happier than you are now when you use those piece of junk third party softwares program. All the companys that make stuff for windows are merely a guest in their world. It's Micorsofts product.

  • Apple does bad stuff too they dont let nobody make apples but themselves so if they can why cant Micorsoft yeah.

  • Micorsoft told everyone "hey dont run this on DRDOS or else you violate our EULA and well sue your pants off" but those that did anyway got the message so its there own derned fault those stupidheads.

  • Bill Gates said "hey we didnt do nothin bad" and hes prety trustworthy so if he said it then they didnt do it and its all okay and Caldera should go away and quit bothering Micorsoft who does good things.

Well okay now I think I've convinced you you can go back to my main page now.