Welcome to Gerald Holmes'es pages sites

hey Gerald tell us about yourself?

well thanks for asking buddy!!! Ill tell you everythings. I was born in the fifties (no thats 1950s not 1750s quit asking me about the 1750s!!). I lived in AZ but moved back to AZ to be closer to the mountain. I took a job after high school doing tech support for a product I wont mention but that I love it real good (hint wink hint). I then read books and got some money for some stuff that I did.

well to make a long story short after the accidents I stopped working and then I started working again at this place in town that I wont name but Ill give you a hint it starts with a "D" heheheehee. then I spend some free time doing these web sites for myself and others peoples. Ill probably stop later buyt if your every in town stop by and well have a sandwich together for lunch or dinner or something they call lineer with is like a late lunch in the afternoon or late at night I forget but we can ask when you get here.

okay what do you look like Gerald Holmes?

I provide a picture right here for you to see:

Okay thats not really me but oh boy I wish it was! Bu ha ha ha ha ha I had you going there for a minute didnt I you thought that was really me. No no thats Bill Gates the Very Very Smart. Boy is that funny you thought that was really a picture of me I got you good Bu ha ha ha ha pha ha pha.

Listen I think that was pretty funny.

I dont really look like Bill Gates naturally but Im trying my best. I got the same hair cut as Bill Gateses hair cut and I kind of try to walk like he does and talk like he does but Im afraid Im just not very good at it no one would mistake me for him Im not as smart or as powerful but I sure wish Bill would be my personal buddy BILL IF YOUR READING THIS COME OVER AND WELL PLAY SOME SPACE CADET!

Thanks you thats who I am now go back to my other page

disclaimers: also remebers that this is just my opinions so dont get crazy or nothing like that.