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Under X windows you'll need a window-manager.  That's the program in charge of drawing a title bar for your windows, and moving and resizing them.  Probably the coolest is sawfish because it is not only fairly feature complete, themeable and fast, but also extensible! Here's what I have contributed:
  • hook-snooper (Last modified 2002-12-07) is a little module to show you what's going on with hooks as sawfish works.
  • kgenmenu4sawfish (Last modified 2002-09-09) - access KDE menu from sawfish (even without running desktop)
  • move-viewport (Last modified 2002-09-09) is a patch allowing you to move viewports not only by screenfulls as hitherto.  Now, when you wish, you can also scroll by quarter screenfulls, or even any given amount of pixels.
  • pager (Last modified 2002-12-02) a complete rewrite of spager, smaller than the old one.  Yet it fixes a couple of bugs and adds a few features and options.
  • turbo-X11 (Last modified 2002-12-03) a module for making X11 snappier by automatically temporarily stopping the processes of windows you don't see.
  • window-snooper (Last modified 2002-09-09) is a little program that pops up a window displaying everything that sawfish knows about some window (be it managed, unmanaged or root).
Then there's an idea for making sawfish cooler, and some info about configuring sawfish properly.

The current version of grow-pack, a complete rewrite smaller than the old one, is also by me.  It fixes a couple of bugs and adds a few options like ignoring windows on other layers or resizing/moving by a given amount of pixels.

(Last modified 2002-12-07)