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  •  MUI GUI for configuration.
  •  Easy installation.
  •  Works on Any TCP/IP Stack.
  •  Extensive userlist support with many user flags and multiple hostmasks.
  •  Extensive bot modes with the likes of friends protection,autops,autovoice,ban protection,screw ban protection etc.
  •  CTCP flood protection.
  •  Flooder's hostmask is ignored.
  •  DCC Bomb protection.
  •  DCC autoget (All/friends).
  •  Tsunami flood protection(private message+notice).
  •  Channel protection from MassModes,Nethack,CTCP Floods,MassJoins etc.
  •  BitCH mode - only you or your friends or you may give ops.
  •  Best ever.
  •  Remote Sysop options.
  •  Speak Kick.
  •  Invite Kick.
  •  365 Kicks,that may be launched randomally(curtesy of  K. Stensrom).
  •  AutoBan/AutoDeop (PermBan) a user.
  •  Remote authentication with password.
  •  Remote CTCP commands.
  •  Lamuh Vote.
  •  Logging messages/Hilite entries when away.
  •  Pager and ability to execute a script when being paged.
  •  Automatic messaging of text to channels on regular intervals.
  •  AutoSend Sounds from sounds directory
  •  Auto Iconifying when away.
  •  KickWords.
  •  WallChops (Write to all ops) And WAllNops (Write to all non-ops).
  •  Support for other scripts.
  • Unique CTCP "Plugins" support.
  •  Delayed/random delayed AutoOps for conserving IRC bandwidth.
  •  Small and efficient code.
  • Modular design.
  •  Extensive online help.

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