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Some of the more common questions that I have encountered.If I find it required I will post more FAQ'S here.Last update was at 18/2/97.

Q:Away Nick and log dont work.Whats wrong?!?
A: The K¹¹ Away is tottaly incompatible with the AmIRC internal auto-unaway. You might have this set to unaway on public or any message.Disable it by setting it in the AmIRC Settings to "Not Automatically".

Q:What is NetHack protection?
A: When a server rejoins after a split it may op the users which are on it.This can be used to take over a channel. If you turn on NetHack protection (/KC NHP) then every such action by the server will be reversed , but not conflict with you userlist.So,I dont recommend turning it on unless your friends list contains most of the ops in the channel.

Q: I dont want The ... has just installed kuang eleven 1.X line to appear.How can I avoid it?
A:Leave the channel you are on and do /rx Kinstall then.

Q: How can I mix Kuang Eleven with other scripts I have without conflict?
A: It depends on which event the script works.If the script works as a public channel command you can add it to kuang11pub.amirx - check it out.
If the script uses the CTCP event,you can add it as a CTCP plugin.
If your script uses another event,read about doubler.

Q: I have many packs on my XDCC.Sometimes I get flooded off on XDCC LIST requests?!
A: Use less packs.Kuang cant be flooded off with XDCC,but if you send stuff to the server while many xdcc lists are sent you can get flooded.

Q: I want AutoOps/NetHack/MassDeop Protection on this channel but I dont want it on that channel.
A: You cant toggle protection/automodes specifically per channel,as this will make the events handler too complex and slow.However,you can make Kuang work in specific channels using the AutoChannels interface via the GUI or the /KC ACHAN command.Normally its set to ALL but by setting the AutoChannels list to the channels you want Kuang to work in,you can save yourself anger of unfriendly ops,if you have,for instance,deopped a bunch of ops during NetHack :)

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