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Oh boy you better only be a Micorsoft person and talk about Micorsoft here dont talk about linus or apples or bees or unixes or anything or youll get in big trouble also Im not responsible for nothing so you are liable and not me and my lawyers are tough anyway so dont mess with me and stuff or it will be ugly and Ill have to take the site down and put it on the internet. Also if I catch you talking about linus Ill throw your action off of this sites and sue your pants.

You cant use this bbs to do anything but talk about how Micorsoft is good and you like windows and space cadets and things like that. Also if you try to say something bad about Micorsoft then youll get in huge amounts of troubles so dont criticize them or nothing not that there is anything to criticize Micorsoft is perfects or pretty close anyway not as close as Bill Gateses but almost because he controls it all. I think he has a little control machine with levers and thats how he makes Micorsoft and all the computers and the internet and all the peoples take orders from the control machines and serve faitfully hes kind of like Santa Clause in that ways.

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