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Since my project was progressing very slowly, I took a new look at its closest competitor, makepp.  It is so much superior to GNU make, that I am putting up with make's strange syntax.  With that is dead, and I will also contribute my builtin commands to makepp.

I had not seen the advantage of my 100% Perl syntax in a makefile.  It makes a makefile rather hard to read, and forces build system maintaners to know Perl. The same is true of a coming up hybrid, PBS, which writes the makefiles in Perl, yet puts in the commands in strings, like make. – Perl – Index

Here you can find just about everything allows you to use.

The comment shows you to which area each item belongs.  It is especially needed with some options, which can be both command line options and options of one or more builtin commands.

-B command line option
-b cp/ln/mv-builtin option
--backup cp/ln/mv-builtin option
Builtin Commands
-c sh-builtin option
cat builtin command
chmod builtin command
chown builtin command
%COMMAND variable
--command sh-builtin option
cp builtin command
-d command line option
-d paste-builtin option
--debug command line option
Deferred Variables
--delimiter paste-builtin option
determine deferred variable
--dry-run command line option
egrep builtin command
extend function
-f command line option
-f cp/ln/mv-builtin option
-f sh-builtin option
false builtin command
--file command line option
--first sh-builtin option
--force cp/ln/mv-builtin option
fsort builtin command
head builtin command
-i command line option
--ignore-errors command line option
include function
io function
--just-print command line option
-k command line option
--keep-going command line option
keep_going function
-l rev-builtin option
-l sh-builtin option
--last sh-builtin option
--lines rev-builtin option
ln builtin command
--makefile command line option
mkdir builtin command
mv builtin command
-n command line option
--no-builtin-commands command line option
--no-builtin-rules command line option
--no-builtin-variables command line option
once deferred variable
%OPTIONS variable
-p template-builtin option
--parents cp/ln/mv-builtin option
paste builtin command
@PATH variable
Pattern Rules
%PHONY variable
pod2html builtin command
pod2usage builtin command
Predefined Variables
--prefix template-builtin option
--quiet command line option
-R command line option
-r command line option
-r fsort-builtin option
--recon command line option
rev builtin command
--reverse fsort-builtin option
rm builtin command
rule function
-S cp/ln/mv-builtin option
-s command line option
-s ln-builtin option
-s template-builtin option
sed builtin command
sh external command
shellparse deferred variable
--silent command line option
Static Rules
sub deferred variable
--suffix cp/ln/mv-builtin option
--suffix template-builtin option
--symbolic ln-builtin option
tail builtin command
template builtin command
touch builtin command
-u fsort-builtin option
uniq builtin command
--uniq(ue) fsort-builtin option
use command builtin command
use command external command
-v command line option
--version command line option

Last modified: 2003-06-27
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